A treatment as individual as you.

At Laburnum Dental Care, we put you first. Our dentists will be happy to discuss your needs in one of our comfortable, well-equipped clinics. 

Find out more about the dental treatments we offer below.

General dentistry

At Laburnum Dental Care, general dentistry is the foundation of what we do. Whether you’d like a routine check up, are interested in hygienist services, or need an emergency appointment, we can help. 


It's never too late to get a smile you love. 

Solutions for missing teeth

 Laburnum Dental Care we are here to help you achieve a beautiful, natural smile.

Repairing teeth

If you have broken or chipped teeth, Laburnum Dental Care are here to help. 

Whitening, cosmetic & dental veneers

Restoring smiles and cosmetic dentistry